We are so serious about UV LED disinfection that we cannot take ourselves too seriously  

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When someone asks about

fake UV LEDs

rambo blue light
UNO draw 25 meme Use mercury UV lamps
ANGRY LADY CAT MEME chlorine ozone UV
NSF 55 Standard for UV disinfection
dog werewolf meme chlorine UV
uv-c leds vs. conventional Uv disinfection meme
99.99% disinfection
WQA 2019 meme
UV LED disinfection
UV LED expectations meme
UV LED blck hole meme
thanos UV LED meme
marie kondo meme
IUVA 2019 PearlLab Beam meme
big cow meme - uv leds, water purification
UV LED presidential alert
SpaceX car in space and PearlAqua flying to provide clean water
Falcon Heavy: Low Cost Space Cargo - PearlAqua Low cost clean water through UV-C LEDs
UV-C LEDs provie hazard free clean water
Smallest UV treatment - stranger things meme
We hav the latest UV technology for disnfection - IT meme
Afraid o ask about how UV LEDs work - meme
Higher level mind meme - water treatment
R@D@ with smallest UV treatment system
Boba Fett meme - pathogen hunter - uv system
mercury free uv-c leds meme
covfefe meme - uv-c leds kill pathogens
cool beans - collimateing beam for uv research
Star Wars Meme - Rogue One characters have one thing in common with bacteria - they're both killed by the latest technology - deathstar / pearlaqua - UV-C LED water disinfection
Merry Christmas PearlAqua - UV-C LED disinfection
Buzz Lightyear - to UV and beyond - LEDs in space
Sunglasses meme - PearlAqua with 8-bit glasses "PearlAqua - cooler than the water it treats"
Bolt Olympic Meme - Bolt: Top speed in 6.5 seconds. PearlAqua: Full Power in 9 nanoseconds
Blue olympic pool/green olympic pool - Chemicals are hard to balance; UV systems are not
PearlAqua with Water Quality medal and ribbon. World's first UV-C LED system to win gold
Pokemon Meme Bacteria vs. PearlAqua - PearlAqua used UV-C LEDs! It's super effective!
PearlAqua with Carbon Fiber body - Lighter. Stronger. Beautiful. Welcome to the Dark Side
Leo Meme- Did we come across UV LEDs by mistake? I think not
Hillary phone meme - PearlAqua data sheet on her email server
Ben Carson Meme - traditional UV systems are big
Ben Carson meme - UV-C LED systems are compact
Trump meme - make UV great again
Bernie meme - high taxes so everyone can have a UV-C LED system
Grumpy cat meme - who put mercury in water?
Boaty McBoatface meme - Boaty and PearlAqua both water clean water
Inactivating DNA - it's in our DNA meme
Water is always bluer on the other side meme - PearlAqua
Starwars meme - Rey handing Luke PearlAqua instead of lightsaber
Steve Harvey meme - award for most eco friendly water disinfection system goes to... mercury based units!
Starwars meme - Fin gets water right after quitting his job
Car meme - PearlAqua in back window of suburban "The PearlAqua Family"
Wizard of Oz meme - dorothy shocked at a UV system without mercury
Matrix meme - Morpheus "What if I told you Chlorine doesn't kill Cryptosporium"
KFC meme - AquiSense Technologies; the best thing to happen to Kentucky since Fried Chicken
Tesla meme - Tesla Model S Power = 315 kw Length 196" 0 to 60 = 4.2 seconds - PearlAqua Max Power 15W Length 4" 0 to Full Power = 10 nano-seconds
Dalek meme - Clean freak dalek say "DISINFECT! DISINFECT! DISINFECT!"
Gas/UV meme- Gas=unleaded; PearlAqua mercury-free
Startrek meme- Picard "Why are we still using Chlorine?"
Marilyn Monroe meme - PearlAqua in thought bubble "Pearls are a girls best friend"
Dos X meme - "I don't always drink water, but when I do it's been treated by PearlAqua
PearlAqua meme - Beauty is more than skin deep
Mana meme- LED resting on blade of grass " UV-C LEDs; we collect them each morning