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AquiSense Technologies Announces Certification to ISO 9001

AquiSense Technologies, the world leader in UV-C LED disinfection systems, has recently been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification by the International Organization for Standardization. ISO 9001 is one of the world’s most sought-after quality standards; a standard which places heavy emphasis on quality management system performance and ensures that a company’s quality management system is strictly aligned with customer expectations.


“Since the formation of AquiSense, we have focused on establishing ourselves as a market leader by engineering innovative UV-C LED based systems and certifying these systems to the world’s most demanding quality and performance standards” commented Oliver Lawal, CEO of AquiSense.  “Our receipt of ISO 9001 reaffirms this strategy and will enhance our ability to deliver industry leading, high quality products, and services.”


 “This quality standard is a key requirement for many of our global OEM customers which include many large multinational corporations,” said VP of Operations, Mike Hymas. “We are more confident than ever in our ability to provide high quality products and look forward to strengthening those relationships, as a result of setting such high-quality standards.”


In addition to today’s announcement, AquiSense’s PearlAqua water disinfection platform has been microbiologically tested in accordance with US EPA drinking water guidelines and has received certification in 2016 to NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 for materials safety. AquiSense also complies with CE and RoHS standards for all its products.


UV-C LED Disinfection Technology Currently Available in 23 Countries through AquiSense Distributor Network

The AquiSense team is excited to announce that our products are now available in 23 countries, through 20 distributor relationships. Our UV-C LED systems are now available throughout most of Europe, parts of Asia, Oceania, Middle East and all of North America. These distributor relationships are a critical step in establishing AquiSense as the global leader in UV-C LED Disinfection Systems.

“We have been very fortunate to have established relationships with some very highly skilled and experienced water treatment distributors globally. With the help of these companies, the AquiSense Team is able to accelerate the awareness of UV LEDs for disinfection purposes,” said the AquiSense Director of Business Development, Jim Cosman. “This undertaking began early in 2017 and now 8 months later we are well-positioned to grow further and expand our geographic and applications footprint,” concluded Mr. Cosman.

AquiSense is still eager to grow; if you are a distributor looking for a highly differentiated water treatment technology and want to be on the leading edge of this exciting technology shift from analog to digital UV disinfection, please contact us at

Our Technology Displayed at Infection Control Conference - APIC 2017

AquiSense Technologies attended the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) annual conference in Portland, Oregon June 14-16.


At the conference, we learned about many new initiatives and standards being developed to ensure safer water in healthcare premises.  Many waterborne pathogens, coined Opportunistic Premise Plumbing Pathogens (e.g. Legionella, Pseudomonas) are increasingly being identified as the source of healthcare-associated infections leading to a heightened concern amongst the infection control community.


We received an overwhelmingly positive response after exhibiting the recently introduced PearlAqua Micro™.  Infection control professionals are excited to have a compact, validated, non-chemical solution that they can easily retrofit into existing sources of contamination such as faucets, medical instruments, and dental lines.


After these conversations at the conference, we made a quick list of where to treat these pathogens.  

UV-C LED disinfection prevention of waterborne HAIs and plumbing pathogens

AquiSense Technologies Debuts Latest Product Platforms at 2017 WQA Convention & Exposition


During the 2017 WQA Expo in Orlando, we displayed our latest water treatment technology. We introduced three new UV-C LED validated water disinfection platforms including the PearlAqua Micro™, which is the world’s smallest ultraviolet water treatment system. Also included in the launch, is the newly designed PearlAqua™ and the PearlAqua OEM™ product platforms.  All the platforms employ state-of-the-art LEDs into a patented design which has been perfected since 2012, when the original PearlAqua™ was introduced.


We have engineered an affordable and robust water disinfection system that can be literally applied at the point of consumption, opening up an entirely new market for UV disinfection for water treatment – Micro UV™. 


We are passionate in our goal to provide real-world solutions to pressing global demand for enhanced protection against waterborne pathogens and the versatility of PearlAqua Micro will become an important tool.


Introduced in 2012, known as the world's first UV-C LED product designed for water disinfection, the original full-specification PearlAqua range has been refined for increased environmental robustness, ease of operation and lower cost.


This product is a self-contained UV treatment system that integrates state-of-the-art LEDs into a unique and compact design, without the use of chemicals or mercury-based lamps.  It allows for instant full-intensity power, unlimited cycling, remote start/stop, and as there is no heat transfer into the process fluid, it does not promote fouling over time.


The third addition is the PearlAqua OEM platform that opens the door to low cost/small footprint UV disinfection specifically designed to fit into 3rd party devices and systems. The new design is equipped with an easy to replace UV-C LED lamp module and configurable options, including forced air cooling, onboard data logging and digital I/O for device functionality. 

You can view more details of the PearlAqua platforms and how our technology works from our brochure

PearlAqua Micro in between fingers showing the small size of the UV system
PearlAqua with greemn background signifying environmental protection

AquiSense Partner Displays UV-C LED Technology at OzWater Australia

Oz Water tradeshow - water technology in australia
Astrialian watr technology tradeshow fetures UV disinfection

Our partners at AquiSense Australia attended the Australian water tradeshow - OzWater'17.


During the exhibition, they displayed the PearlAqua™ and the PearlAqua Micro™. We are proud that our systems are gaining an international presence. 

AquiSense Receives 2017 Thoroughbred Award

2017local economy boost award - bronze horse

Our team was presented with the Northern Kentucky 2017 Thoroughbred Award from NKY Economic Development Corporation. The award was presented to several companies in the area for their efforts in boosting the local economy.

We here at AquiSense are happy to be recognized as a leader in the local economy and look forward to continuing our contributions to the Kentucky economy as we rapidly expand our technologies worldwide.

AquiSense Team Presents during International Ultraviolet Association Conference 

IUVA - ultraviolet association for UV disinfection advancement
Jennifer Pagan speaks at the international ultrtaviolet association conference

Our team had the opportunity to present on several topics concerning our technology at the IUVA Americas Conference in Austin, Texas. Below are the various topics from our team - you can find the presentation slides attached to each. 


Next Generation UV Disinfection – How UV-C LEDs Will Enable New Applications
Molly McKain

The 254nm Myth – The Truth Behind Correct Wavelength Selection
Saketh Thanneeru

To the Moon and Beyond: UV Lights the Way out of Low Earth Orbit
Oliver Lawal

Decomposition of Sucralose in a Small Scale 172nm Reactor
Jennifer Pagan Ph.D

AquiSense Technologies Announces Business Collaboration with International Light Technologies

AquiSense Technologies is pleased to announce that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with International Light Technologies (ILT) whereby ILT sensors will be offered in combination with the AquiSense PearlBeam™, a bench-scale UV device for research applications. New advancements in UV-C LEDs have lead the way to the creation of collimated beam devices whereby researchers can now select multiple discrete UV-C wavelengths which allows them greater precision in their research to better understand how microorganisms respond to UV light applications. In unison, as the precision of the wavelength emission increases, more advanced sensors are required to track emission data. ILT provides the needed sensor technology with a handheld light meter. 


“AquiSense recognized that an entirely new tool was required to advance UV science to take advantage of the many benefits of UV-C LEDs,” said AquiSense Director of Business Development, Jim Cosman.  “The PearlBeam was the first step in this process and now the incorporation of International Light Technologies advanced sensors is the next step in our quest to rapidly convert many disinfection applications from mercury containing UV lamps to more environmentally sound UV-C LEDs.”

International Light Technologies sensors and meter - for UV disinfection research


Collimated Beam Devices are an increasingly critical tool in providing a standardized unit of measurement for UV exposure.  Historically these devices, which use mercury lamps, have been expensive, cumbersome, and difficult to operate. The PearlBeam is the world's first UV-C LED collimating beam device, taking advantage of solid-state technology. This device is small in size, light-weight, and does not contain fragile glass providing a research tool for the lab but that is also field-ready. The use of UV-C LEDs offer instant on/off with immediate intensity allowing for exact exposure times. LEDs also provide variable UV-C wavelengths. The PearlBeam has up to three wavelength options with an activation switch for each wavelength.


International Light Technologies has been leading in light innovations for over 50 years. ILT has been solving the inherent difficulties in light measurement through the design and manufacture of a wide range of light measuring instruments, including the most accurate light meters on the market. The sensor used with the PearlBeam will allow testing in the 255-300 nm range which prevents the need for several sensors to test a variety of wavelengths. The hand-held unit from ILT provides data, trends, and averages in a portable setting making the combination of the PearlBeam and ILT products truly field-ready.


Learn more about PearlBeam and ILT sensors.

Both PearlAqua™ & PearlBeam™ Selected as R&D 100 Finalists

R&D 100 Awards logo - Research and Design Magazine awards for most innovative research devices.

The R&D 100 Awards Committee has selected AquiSense’s PearlBeam and PearlAqua  to be finalists in the Analytical/Test Category and Special Recognition Category, respectively. The committee is comprised of an independent panel of more than 50 judges and represent many of the industry’s leading R&D companies and national laboratories. This award commonly referred to as the “Oscars of Innovation” honors the 100 most innovative technologies and services of the past year.


The PearlBeam was selected for the Analytical/Test Category as it is the first and only Collimating Beam Device that employs UV-C LEDs (Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes) for research purposes. These devices are used in laboratories to expose bacteria and pathogens to UV wavelengths. Traditionally, mercury-based lamps are used to achieve these wavelengths, however, UV-C LEDs allow for new possibilities. The small size and ease of use allows the realization of a tabletop homogenized UV delivery system which can be operated in virtually any laboratory or field locations. The PearlBeam features a narrow band emission and is available in a suite of individually addressable wavelengths (255-365 nm) without the use of filters. The PearlBeam offers similar benefits as visible LEDs including: full intensity in under 10mS, low power consumption, and 10,000-hour lamp life.


The PearlAqua was selected for the Special Recognition Category as it is the world's first water treatment system that incorporates state of the art UV-C LEDs into a compact unit, without the use of chemicals or mercury-based UV lamps. These LEDs also allow for instant, full-intensity power on start-up, unlimited cycling, and remote start/stop. PearlAqua can be used in a range of applications including life sciences, medical devices, transportation, and commercial water. Standing only 103 mm (4 inches) high, the compact PearlAqua can be seamlessly integrated into water treatment systems, providing maximum water security.  


The R&D 100 Award Winners will be presented with their honors at the annual black-tie awards dinner on November 3, 2016 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Oxon Hill, Maryland (Washington, D.C.).

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CEO, Oliver Lawal Presented with Entrepreneur Award

Our CEO, Oliver Lawal, was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Confluence, a local water technology group. Confluence was developed by the US EPA to develop and commercialize innovative water technologies that solve environmental challenges in the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana region.


We are happy that the innovative vision of AquiSense's leadership is being recognized by so many. This award for our CEO illustrates the amazing work we are part of - providing new alternatives to clean water, air, and surfaces. 

Oliver with Confluence leaders and Entrepreneur award

AquiSense Technologies Acquired by UV-C LED Manufacturer, Nikkiso

Nikkiso logo - UV-C LED R&D and manufacturer

AquiSense Technologies, the world leader in UV-C LED disinfection systems, has been wholly acquired by Nikkiso America, Inc in a cash deal. With over a half century of product development, Nikkiso has provided original technologies to a range of industries, including medical, aviation, life sciences, and microelectronics. AquiSense and Nikkiso share a common goal of providing life-saving disinfection products employing UV-C LEDs. Nikkiso is a leading manufacturer of UV-C LEDs, utilizing core technology from Nobel Prize recipients. AquiSense is an award-winning manufacturer of water, air, and surface disinfection systems with UV-C LEDs at the core of each design.

This acquisition allows Nikkiso and AquiSense to accelerate market commercialization of disinfection products around the world. “We have been excited to see the innovative solutions at AquiSense enter a number of high value markets and look forward to supporting those efforts,” said Dennis Martin, CEO of Nikkiso America.  Commenting further, Oliver Lawal, CEO of AquiSense said, “We have worked closely with a number of suppliers to integrate the best UV-C LEDs, and Nikkiso have consistently delivered strong product to us.” Lawal will continue in his role, together with Jennifer Pagan as CTO, and all other employees.

AquiSense manufactures the PearlAqua, an award-winning UV-C LED water disinfection system; the solid-state technology used offers benefits previously unseen in UV disinfection. Both companies believe UV LED applications will improve health standards and boost the disinfection economy.

AquiSense Celebrated New Production Facility with Open House

AquiSense Technologies has moved into a new production facility to increase manufacturing for high-demand water, air, and surface disinfection devices using UV-C LEDs. AquiSense held a ribbon cutting ceremony on August 19th to celebrate the company’s growth and development. In attendance were representatives from The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Department of Commerce, Confluence – Water Technology for the Ohio River Valley Region, and The NKY Economic Development Corporation (NKY-Tri-ED).The event celebrated the new 15,000 square foot facility in the Circle Port business park. This space enables AquiSense to manufacture the most advanced UV water disinfection units improving the local

economy through in-demand job creation and bringing innovation to the NKY/Cincinnati community.

“The move into this location after founding AquiSense in June 2015 illustrates the desire for this technology,” said AquiSense CEO, Oliver Lawal. “We expect to see exciting changes in the water disinfection industry in the coming years, and AquiSense is at the forefront of this change,” he concluded.

AquiSense manufacturing facility - Red brick building with green surroundings and AquiSense logo on side of the building

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