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UV-C LED Water Disinfection System First to Meet NSF/ANSI Lead-free Standard

Erlanger, KY (July 15, 2016) AquiSense Technologies, the world leader in UV-C LED disinfection systems announces certification from the Water Quality Association (WQA) for its water disinfection system – PearlAqua™. WQA is an independent public health organization that tests and certifies a wide range of plumbing and drinking water treatment products. Specifically, the PearlAqua meets the stringent requirements of NSF/ANSI 372, which is accreditation for the scope of providing lead-free water and NSF/ANSI 61, which certifies the PearlAqua for safe drinking water.

PearlAqua was the first-to-market UV-C LED water disinfection system and continues this trend as it is the first UV-C LED system to receive certification in accordance with NSF/ANSI standards. These certifications confirm that the PearlAqua provides clean water without the use of lead – which has contaminated water in a number of communities around the world. “This is a significant step in our overall commercialization strategy” said Mr. Lawal, AquiSense CEO. “It further validates that switching over to semi-conductor based technology is viable in providing equal or safer water quality. More to come!” he added.

AquiSense Technologies manufactures UV-C LED systems that are chemical-free, mercury-free, and lead-free. AquiSense is proud to be recognized for providing clean water without the use of hazardous materials.

PearlAqua - World's first UV-C LED water disinfection system
Water Quality certification stamp - PearlAqua tested and certified for NSF lead-free industry standards

AquiSense Spotlighted for Space Station Contract and Company Expansion 

BIOWYSE logo - biocontamination Integrated Control of Wet Systems for Space Exploration
Cincinnati Business Courier logo

The Cincinnati Business Courier featured AquiSense Technologies in a recent article explaining how our company was chosen for the BIOWYSE project for water disinfection aboard the ISS. The article covers the complexity of disinfection in space and how UV-C LEDs are the perfect fit for the application. LEDs allow for a flexible design and open up new possibilities beyond conventional mercury lamps. UV-C LEDs seem to have a bright future for all disinfection applications.   


Read the full article here


The Business Courier also featured AquiSense for our expanding business. We will be opening a new headquarters and manufacturing facility. This expansion will increase our manufacturing capabilities for increased demand and will eventually increase our company's size. 

AquiSense Attended Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 on June 22-24 took place at Stanford University and had 700 entrepreneurs from 170 countries in attendance. The White House Office of Science and Technology selected AquiSense and fellow Northern Kentucky start-up, Wyzerr, to represent the State of Kentucky.

We were happy to be recognized for the innovative steps we’re taking in the water industry and are proud to be part of a larger group of start-ups from around the world bringing meaningful technology to those who need it the most.

During the summit, AquiSense CEO, Oliver Lawal, was able to meet with the US Chief Technology Officer, Megan Smith, speak to other innovators, and hear keynote speakers such as President Barack Obama, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, and Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick. 

CEO of AquiSense - Oliver Lawal with US Chief Technology Officer of The White House Office of Science and Technology
American entrepreneurs selected by whitehouse to participate in Global Entrepreneurship Summit
President Obama during the GES - on stage with three start-up CEOs and CEO of Facebook

AquiSense Highlighted in “Shop Talk: The Commercialization of Water Technologies”

AquiSense is named during a recent podcast covering the latest water technologies. The podcast features Melinda Kruyer, Executive Director of Confluence, a Cincinnati-based organization for water technology innovation and research. We are glad to be part of such an amazing group of people and companies trying to bring clean water and the latest technology to everyone.   

The Commercialization of Water Technologies - Shop Talk
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AquiSense Selected to Participate in International Space Station Project

AquiSense Technologies (Europe) Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of AquiSense Technologies LLC, has been selected to participate in the Biocontamination Integrated Control for Wet Systems for Space Exploration (BIOWYSE) project.

AquiSense is part of a seven-company consortium that includes Italian company, Thales Alenia Space, one of the main suppliers to the International Space Station.  The BIOWYSE consortium will design, build and test innovative prevention, monitoring and mitigation modules to be integrated in a compact system.


AquiSense will design the key technology within the decontamination module, employing UV-C LED technology, similar to that used in PearlAqua. Richard Simons, a PhD Graduate Engineer from Imperial College London, has been appointed as Program Manager for AquiSense.

AquiSense’s CTO Jennifer Pagan, PhD said, “It is literally an engineer’s dream to be able to apply their work to something as technically advanced as the space station. I am thrilled that our water disinfection technology will be used to help keep the astronauts safe.”


The proposed BIOWYSE project foresees development and demonstration of an integrated biocontamination control system for water and humid areas, to be demonstrated on the 

International Space Station and future human exploration missions. BIOWYSE stems from the results of actual flight experiments and state of the art prevention, monitoring and mitigation technologies. They will further investigate the possibilities for spin off developments in the terrestrial water management industries.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 687447 and is valued at €3 Million.

International Space Station where AquiSense technology will be disinfecting water
UV-C LED which are the key to our innovative technology

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PearlAqua Awarded Innovation Award

We are happy to announce that the PearlAqua Disinfection Unit was awarded the Aquatech Innovation Award in the category Not Yet To Market at Aquatech Amsterdam 2015! 

Click here for the official press release from Aquatech.


Also featured on VAnytt.

Jennifer with PearlAqua's Innovation Award
Jennifer and Oliver winning Innovation Award for UV-C LED disinfection device - PearlAqua

AquiSense Team Featured in Several Publications

Our team recently had three articles published featuring our technology in the disinfection market. These publications focused on the infection issues in the hospitality field, infection control in our hospitals and the environmental benefits of using UV-C LEDs to purify our water. We are proud of our team members for having a persuasive voice in the disinfection field. See below for each article.


UV-C LED Systems: Answer To The Hospitality Industry’s Water Infection Problems

Saketh Thanneeru


Legionnaire’s disease – challenges and solutions

Molly McKain 


How LEDs Will Change Water Purification

Mitch Hansen

Water Treatment - Good, Better, Best

Molly McKain

Environmental Protection Magazine logo for featured article on UV LED technology
Healthcare Facilities Today logo for featured article on infections in hospitals and the use of UV-C LEDs for disease prevention
Hospitality Net Magazine logo for featured article on infection in hotels and prevention control with UV LED systems

UV-C LEDs Cause Ripples During the Water Quality Association Conference ​​

We were happy with the amount of attention we received during the WQA Conference in Nashville, March 14- 16. The market for commercial and residential applications was previously untapped for our technology. Attendees are just as excited about our product as we are.  We now know that we are going to succeed in these markets and have a lot of follow up work in the coming weeks. 

Molly and Saketh speaking to conference attendees about the PearlAqua and our disinfection technology

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Oliver Lawal Awarded the IUVA Volunteer Award and Named IUVA President-Elect

On February 2nd AquiSense’s President Oliver Lawal was named the winner of the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) UV Light Award for Volunteer Recognition 2016 as well as the President-Elect for IUVA.  The award was presented to Oliver for his dedication to furthering the mission of the IUVA and special work over the past years as the organizations Treasurer. During the IUVA World Congress, Oliver was also named the IUVA President-Elect. Oliver has been an IUVA board member for many years and will spend the next two years preparing before taking on the role of President of the organization in 2017. At the same IUVA World Congress event in Vancouver, AquiSense CTO, Dr.  Jennifer Pagan, presented a comparison of UV-C LED and Mercury-based lamp UV system performance.  The presentation was received to a standing-room-only audience, with great discussion topics following. 


More information about the IUVA organization can be found at


The news was also featured on The Water Network.   

Oliver accepting the IUVA Volunteer Award and being named the IUVA President-Elect

AquiSense Nominated for Outstanding Green Innovation Award

Innovation & Technology Awards logo

The Cincinnati Business Courier has named AquiSense Technologies as a finalist in their Innovation & Technology Awards event. We have been nominated for the Outstanding Green Innovation Award category. The event will be held on April 21st, 2016 and will showcase the latest and greatest technology innovations developed in the Cincinnati area.

AquiSense LED Technology Highlighted at IUVA World Congress

AquiSense Technologies is happy to be participating in the 2016 International Ultraviolet Association World Congress held in Vancouver, Canada. The World Congress will take place January 31-February and brings together industry leaders to showcase the latest technology and innovations in Ultraviolet water treatment solutions. AquiSense will be presenting their award-winning PearlAqua™ and how it advances the science of water disinfection. 

PearlAqua is the world's first UV-C LED product designed for water disinfection. This system integrates state-of-the-art LEDs into a unique and compact design without the use of chemicals or mercury-based UV lamps. AquiSense will be unveiling four new models in the PearlAqua range. The extended range allows a user to more closely fit a precise size and flow rate to their application.

Also to be displayed is AquiSense’s PearlBeam™, a compact laboratory instrument which employs UV-LEDs emitting radiation in the germicidal range. Its small size and ease of use allows the realization of a table-top homogenized UV delivery system, which can be operated virtually anywhere in laboratory or even field locations.  Unlike mercury-lamp systems, the PearlBeam features a narrow band emission and is available in a suite of individually selectable wavelengths.

You can visit AquiSense at Booth 14 at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Learn more about AquiSense and the Pearl line of products

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UV-C LED Technology Spotlighted During IUVA Symposium

On April 22nd AquiSense sponsored the IUVA Symposium in Tokyo, Japan and presented on our latest technologies. The Symposium's theme, UV Innovations: Towards Sustainable Water Use, provided the perfect stage for UV-C LEDs to take the spotlight. The CTO of AquiSense, Dr. Jennifer Pagan, presented on the innovations and possibilities of LEDs for disinfection. 


AquiSense Technologies was happy to sponsor the event, and as we look forward to the future of our industry we are excited to see how innovations in UV disinfection will continue to expand and grow.


Learn more about IUVA here.  

Jennifer presenting technology during IUVA Symposium in Japan
Jennifer speakin in panel about UV-C LED technology

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