AquiSense Technologies Purchase Agreement


Agreement for AquiSense’s UV LEDs in purchasing and using AquiSense’s UV LED systems and products, on behalf of the Company, the individual purchasing the AquiSense products agrees to follow the items listed below. In this document, “UV LED” means any LEDs that emit ultraviolet light with a peak wavelength shorter than 400 nm.

1. Do not look directly into the UV LEDs during operation. The UV LEDs radiate intense ultraviolet light (hereinafter referred to as “UV light”)which can be harmful to the eyes, even during a brief period of exposure. UV light is not visible to human eye, so individuals exposed to the UV light may not notice it.

2. Always wear UV protective eyewear when operating the UV LEDs.

3.UV light can cause skin damage, up to and including, skin cancer. Always wear protective clothing to prevent UV LED exposure to skin.

4. Always instruct and warn all intended users of proper handling of the UV LEDs and all potential hazards. Always provide proper instructions, labels, and warnings to the customers and users of products containing UV LEDs in accordance, at minimum, with the standards set forth by international Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). All UV LED should be used in such a way as to ensure that no direct exposure to the UV light on the human eyes is experienced.

5. Always keep the products containing UV LEDs out of the reach of children and other untrained persons.

6. Always adhere to safety instructions and warnings, including any and all instructions set forth in the Product Specifications.


All relevant officers and employees at our Company have reviewed and understand all the safety instructions and warnings in connection with the purchase and use for AquiSense UV LEDs, and further agree not to hold AquiSense Technologies and its subsidiaries, including but not limited to, AquiSense Technologies, responsible for any damage or injury caused by the use, misuse, or mishandling of any AquiSense UV LED systems.