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Specialized Curing and Disinfection Through UV-C LEDs

The PearlSurface is a modular UV-C LED device for surface curing and disinfection. The unit is hot-swappable and fully customizable allowing for curing or disinfection for specialized applications. 

  • ​​Instant On/Off

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Lead-Free

  • No Chiller Needed

  • Mercury-Free 


  • No Heat Transfer


  • Selectable Wavelength 


  • Configurable Layout

Surface Disinfection

Surface disinfection for food, beverage, and, industrial processes.

Disinfecting surfaces becomes simple with the PearlSurface.


The 3 x 3 inch square PearlSurface modules can be operated individually or assembled into large arrays to fit any application. Each module can be outfitted with a single wavelength and assembled in such a way as to provide multi-wavelength coverage. The PearlSurface eliminates hotspots by homogenizing the LED’s light and giving a uniformed intensity distribution to treated surfaces. 


Wavelengths between 265nm and 285nm are typically used for disinfection, but other wavelengths are available as well. UV-C LEDs allow nearly any wavelength(s) to be selected so highly targeted pathogen reduction is possible.


As with all Pearl products, the PearlSurface is small, rugged, and lightweight making it easy to mount and ideal for portable disinfection.


  • Medical equipment

  • Personal items

  • Industrial bottling

  • Consumable surfaces

  • Packaging


UV-C Curing 

Specialized Curing through deep UV LEDs.


PearlSurface for curing uses UV-C wavelengths between 265 and 310nm. This spectrum allows for specialized curing on the top level sealing the surface of the product.


This application also provides the option of reduced working distance as the UV-C LEDs can be placed at a closer distance than mercury lamps without adding heat to the surface and prevents cracking or drying. Heat is only produced on the back of the LED chip where a heatsink and fans can cool the device.  


These devices are modular, hot-swappable, and power customizable allowing power to be easily targeted for the actual width of each project. With dimmable optical power output and PLC remote On/Off capability, PearlSurface can be arranged in a number of configurations and integrated into existing production lines.

The PearlSurface eliminates hotspots by homogenizing the LED’s light and giving a uniform dose to treated surfaces.

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