Stand-Alone UV-C LEDs 


Advanced UV-C LED Systems by AquiSense 

Get more out of UV-C LEDs with advanced reactor designs

AquiSense Technologies specializes in commercial UV-C LED disinfection systems, paving the way for superior performance and safer disinfection technology. This millennial technology brings with it years of research into all things UV LED. The outcome is a design, specifically catering to UV-C LEDs and their already amazing benefits. 

Thermal Control

  • UV LEDs produce a lot of heat which can affect the life of the device. 

  • AquiSense prioritizes heat reduction to prevent lamp decay.

Improved UV Dose Performance

  • Efficient reactor design means the number of LEDs needed decreases.

  • AquiSense's patented reactor design allows for high flow rates, 99.99% kill rate with fewer LEDs.

High Standards Criteria for LEDs

  • AquiSense maintains the most robust UV LED testing facility in the world.

  • We only employ the most advanced UV-C LEDs that will provide long-lasting and powerful disinfection results. 

System Monitoring / Troubleshooting

  • AquiSense employs external indicators to display the functionality and life of the UV-C LEDs, including simple troubleshooting indicators.

  • These systems can also come with 7-year data logging. 

Efficient Power Use

  • UV LED efficiency is not enough when compared to conventional mercury lamps.

  • High efficiency is needed in reactor designs to ensure UV-C LEDs are used to their peak capabilities.  

Simple UV-C LED board - ineffective for disinfection

Simple LED board configurations are not ideal for fluid dynamic disinfection.

PearlAqua - UV-C LED water disinfection system
Welded Micro in hand water

PearlAqua & PearlAqua Micro

Powered by UV-C LEDs for water treatment

Employing UV-C LEDs, AquiSense disinfection systems provide further benefits than Stand-Alone UV-C LEDs.