Solid-State Technology Answers Common Maintenance Problems

Bulb Type
10 Year Maintenance Cost
System Cleaning Needs
10 Year Total Energy Cost
PearlAqua with UV-C LEDs 
Mercury Lamps

UV-C LED systems reduce the need for cleaning and maintenance issues for UV disinfection units. 

Numbers based on the PearlAqua 6D and generic UV system running 2.65 LPM, 2.5hrs/day.

AquiSense introduces PearlAqua, the world’s first commercial UV-C LED disinfection system, paving the way for superior performance and safer water treatment technology. This millennial technology jumps over the hurdles of conventional mercury UV systems, such as constant maintenance, high operating temperatures, decay of the lamp for every on cycle, fragile systems etc.

Minimal Maintenance Needs

  • Low component count means less failure points - less maintenance.

  • No complicated mechanical sleeve cleaning.

Zero Temperature Influence

  • Unlike the mercury lamps there is no heat transfer to water.

  • Does not promote biofouling development.​​

Lower Energy Consumption

  • PearlAqua runs on DC power and has lower wattage.

  • Energy costs reduces by 80%.

No Advanced Lamp Decay

  • Mercury-based lamps decay at an advanced rate from frequent on/off

  • UV-C LEDs can have a million on/off cycles without decay the LEDs.

Hazard Free

  • PearlAqua uses UV-C LEDs instead of mercury.

  • No fear of exposure during use or replacement.

UV lamp comparison - fouled lamp with orange biofilm buildup, one new and clean lamp. Comparing how mercury lamps foul with high tempertures.

Fouled UV lamp (bottom) compared to a new lamp (top).

PearlAqua - UV LED water purification system

PearlAqua & PearlAqua Micro - powered by UV-C LEDs for water treatment

PearlAqua Micro - UV LED wate disinfection
Employing UV-C LEDs, the PearlAqua is the answer to the long list of maintence issues surrounding conventional UV lamps.