Designed to be Integrated into Point-of-Use Systems and Processes

Produced by the World’s Largest Supplier of UV-C LED Disinfection Systems

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Are you looking for an innovative technology to enhance your product line? ​

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Stationary UV-C LED Modules

Flow-through UV-C LED Water Disinfection Systems

Why reinvent the wheel?

A fully engineered and validated AquiSense disinfection system allows you to integrate this innovative technology quickly and reduces your risk. With the PearlAqua Micro, you now have the freedom to integrate UV disinfection while maintaining your original product design.


Is your UV-C LED supplier only telling you half of the story?

A variety of UV-C LED solutions are currently available on the market today ranging from stand-alone UV-C LEDs, stationary UV-C modules for tank disinfection, and fully engineered and validated flow-through UV-C LED water disinfection systems.  Trust the world leader and world’s largest manufacturer of UV-C LED disinfection systems to help you review the strengths and weaknesses of deploying each of these options, and for the most efficient, reliable, and affordable solution. Read about our approach in WC&P Magazine.


Concerned about risking your brand reputation while deploying a new technology?

AquiSense is the global leader in UV-C LED design and has the most experience integrating UV-C LED systems. AquiSense Technologies has decades of experience in disinfection applications, deep UV LED research, reactor design, and engineering expertise to provide the most reliable disinfection solutions. Learn more here.


Our PearlAqua Micro creates a brand new category of UV disinfection - Micro UV™. It is by far the world's smallest UV disinfection system. The Micro offers validated disinfection performance through UV-C LEDs and a patented flow cell design. PearlAqua Micro is designed to be integrated into point-of-use systems and processes.

PearlAqua Micro Benefits:

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  • Ultra small footprint enables installations directly at the point of consumption™

  • Highly configurable and designed for flexible integration into existing products and processes

  • Four discrete models available in a broad range of flow rates - allows the user to optimize based on needs

  • Affordable sensor option available to monitor real-time UV intensity within the reactor for mission-critical applications

UV-C LED Technology Benefits:

UV LED purification benefits

UV-C LEDs are enabling the creation of entirely new disinfection applications due to a number of unique benefits.

Applications Enabled By UV-C LED Systems

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UV-C LED disinfection systems have enabled innovative products and have created an entirely new category of UV systems that can be embedded into many products and processes for on-demand disinfection™.

Interested in learning more? Contact us and one of our Applications Engineers would be pleased to talk about how our UV-C LED systems can be integrated into your system, appliance, or process.

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