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LEDs - Changing How We Disinfect

PearlAqua pushes the barrier for conventional UV treatment. PearlAqua isn’t simply a substitute to conventional UV system rather a real game changer for industrial processes.

In an industrial environment, water must be treated before entering the process to ensure its quality and properties meet the appropriate specifications. In addition, stringent discharge regulations and increasing need for reuse of waste streams creates a demand for such cutting edge technology.

Our robust and versatile design allows for easy implementation into any Industrial process.

Pharmaceutical process in need of purified water

Beyond Conventional UV 

Bottling industrial applications in need of disinfected water.

Significant reduction in infrastructure costs are possible because PearlAqua is almost 60% smaller than conventional UV systems. 

PearlAqua works perfectly as a water polishing step in many processes, providing an additional barrier against possible points of infection after the centralized treatment process. It introduces point of use UV technology to industrial plants, which counters the lack of residual disinfection with UV. In a water disinfection loop, the unlimited on/off cycles and instantaneous remote start/stop of the PearlAqua provides a unique solution not possible with conventional UV systems. 


Additional benefits include longer replacement intervals, over 5 years on-board data logging, temperature and intensity monitoring. Of course because it runs on LEDs, it consumes less power. 


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Industrial Applications  

1. Re-circulate through PearlAqua to prevent bio-film


2. Point of use as final distribution network "policeman"


3. Discharge disinfection for environmental protection 


4. Pathogen free drinking water  


5. Ultra high purity lab water

6. Ultra high purity process water

graphic with various uses for industial process including: buffer tank recirculation, point-of-use, discharge disinfection, drinking water, and ultra high purity water for labs and processes.
Chart demonstrating the various applications for the PearlAqua including: pharmaceuticals, food safety, bottling, cosmetics, and microelectronics.