UV LED Benefits: Unlimited Cycling

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Enables intermittent on-demand disinfection™ applications and energy savings while preserving lamp life

UV-C LED - power saving


UV LED lamp life is not impacted by on/off cycles, allowing for unlimited lamp cycling. Mercury UV lamps can only be cycled a few times a day (e.g. 4) without impacting lamp life.

UV-C LED lamp warm up time chart

UV-C LEDs are not impacted by frequent on/off cycles. 



Frequent lamp cycling for conventional UV lamps will lead to premature lamp aging reducing the amount of UV light available for disinfection. For high-frequency batch operations, lamps will decline rapidly and require more frequent replacement which will increase operating costs. By comparison, UV LED lamp life is not impacted by on/off cycles.

mercury lamp fouling

Extensive fluorescent tube lamp disposal leads to excess waste. UV-C LEDs reduce lamp waste as they can be cycled on an unlimited basis without affecting the lamp.



UV-C LEDs enable intermittent or batch disinfection applications and energy savings while preserving lamp life. This feature enables UV disinfection to be utilized in many applications where UV was overlooked due to intermittent flows or cost prohibitive running costs (e.g. high lamp replacement costs). Both lamp replacement and energy costs are reduced at the same time.



UV LED solutions are creating an entirely new market for UV disinfection for systems that operate with intermittent flows. The ability to preserve UV lamp life regardless of the amount of on/off cycles has made UV disinfection are far more affordable solution for applications such as faucets and Point of Use systems that are subject to many daily cycles.

tap faucet sink.jpg

Faucets are an example of frequent intermittent on/off cycles throughout the day making them ideal for UV LED disinfection.