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Enables on-demand disinfection™ which enhances power savings and prolongs lamp life



Unlike conventional mercury lamps, UV LEDs can be switched on and off without any lamp warm-up times. This intermittent flow capability leads to greater power savings and prolongs lamp life.  

UV LEDs do not require warm-up time to reach full output.



UV lamps can take a long time to start up because the lamps need to warm up before reaching full power. Start-up times range between one and ten minutes depending on the lamp type. By comparison, UV LEDs can be switched on and off without any warmup times. This capability enables on-demand disinfection.


UV LEDs are well suited for intermittent flow applications because they do not need to warm up before system start-up, and frequent on/off cycling does not reduce the lifetime of the UV LED as it does with mercury UV lamps. These features allow for on-demand disinfection which is preferable for many applications such as Residential Point of Use (POU) and Point of Entry (POE). They are also well suited for batch treatment applications with high fluctuation in water demand. The ability to instantly power up the LED results in significant power savings as LEDs operate only during treatment cycles and can be instantly switched off during no-flow conditions. Many conventional mercury systems must remain switched on and operating at full output because of lamp warm-up requirements.

Power savings can be seen when using UV-C LEDs with intermittent water flows



  • LEDs enable on-demand disinfection and are much better suited and easier to implement for intermittent flow applications

  • Power savings as LEDs operate only during treatment cycles and can be instantly switched off during no-flow conditions

  • Operating cost savings due to prolonged lamp replacement intervals. Can be extended to multiple years based on running times

  • Reduces environmental burden by reducing the number of lamp changes

  • Easier to implement as  lamp warm-up intervals are not a concern

  • Eliminates the requirement for hot water purging in no-flow conditions

  • Ability to operate LEDs during treatment only lowers water temperatures within the UV System. Lower operating temperatures reduce lamp fouling potential and result in fewer maintenance requirements.



UV-C LEDs are currently being used in batch applications where they can be switched on and off without any warm-up times (e.g. on-demand disinfection). UV LEDs lead to overall power savings as a majority of water distribution devices and systems operate on a batch basis.

Instant on/off capabilities allow LEDs to treat water in intermittent flow applications

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