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Protect and Promote a Healthier Human Race

The PearlAqua harnesses the power of UV-C LED light to deliver clean, safe water to those who need it most.  The system acts as a final barrier between the human body and the pathogens that attack it; assuring hospitals, nursing homes, and dental offices have the purest water possible.  


The PearlAqua can kill pathogens ranging from MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) to Legionella; giving it the potential to prevent 1000s of painful, deadly hospital acquired infections (HAI).  UV-C LED disinfection is also smaller and safer than traditional UV systems so it can be incorporated into a variety of medical equipment – like autoclaves and dialysis machines.

Medical labs in need of infection control


Doctor at work in a hospital who need ultra pure water
  • UV-C LEDs do not use chemicals or mercury to disinfect​

  • It’s compact, up to 3 times smaller than traditional UV devices

  • Simple, ready-to-use design is easy to install​

  • Deep UV LEDs reach full intensity in under 10 nanoseconds – Instantaneous On/Off

  • No tank required for clean water storage 

Healthcare providers who invest in their water invest in their patients’ care. When doctors and nurses are able to wash their hands in legionella free sinks, they protect their patients as well as themselves.  They can cover their facility with confidence knowing they will not be the reason a child or grandmother contracts an HAI.  Healthy healing starts with clean hands and clean hands start with disinfected water.


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Medical Applications

Medical chart showcasing applications for UV-C LED disinfection: autoclave, hemodialysis, and dentistry

1. Clean water during and after operations


2. Ultra pure water for clinical research


3. Integration into medical devices


4. Personalized disinfection for staff and patient care 

Medical graph explaining how the PearlAqua can be integrated into a hosital.