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Enabling advanced recirculated disinfection for heat-pump hot-water supply systems


Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world’s leading names in manufacturing and sales of electronic products and systems used in a broad range of fields and applications.

As a global leading green company, they are applying their technologies to contribute to society and daily life around the world.

Mitsubishi offers products that are helpful to society and the environment by providing comfortable products that have a limited effect on the environment during their lifetime and their production.


Mitsubishi recently updated the design to their CO2 heat-pump hot water supply system. This product produces hot water for home-use from the heat of the air with a small amount of electrical energy.

In Japan, it is customary for families to use the same bath water in an effort to limit water use. Typically, a hot water supply system is installed in each household which is used to reheat the bath water for each person.

In general households, there is a difference in the bathing time of children and adults. The water therefore, sits for a time allowing potential bacterial growth. Mitsubishi identified the need to prevent the bacteria from multiplying between each bath.


At Mitsubishi Electric, it was necessary to maintain disinfection during each bath. It is vital to provide safe water with a solution that has a long lifetime.

The solution was to develop an advanced system that uses UV-C LEDs, which have strong bactericidal inactivation capabilities. Recirculating the water through the UV-C LED system provides added inactivation potential as it exposes UV light to each pathogen multiple times.


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AquiSense was identified by Mitsubishi as a known leader of UV-C LED module manufacturer. AquiSense worked closely with Mitsubishi to design and develop a module suitable for a heat-pump hot water supply system. This module has been tested and adopted as a component for the Mitsubishi "Eco Cute" heat-pump hot water supply system.

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